Matching Tile:Classic Triple Matching Puzzle Game
Classic Triple Match Puzzle Game!Match tiles for free,become a tile master!

Matching Tile is a brand new tile connect matching puzzle game for free!Casual and Fun! It will surely give you enough brain teasers to totally exercise and sharpen your thinking skills. ! Matching Tile is not an ordinary mahjong or classic match 3 puzzle games, but will offer you a completely new game play.Match 3 same tiles to solve challenging puzzles.With just a few clicks on the tile blocks, Matching Tile will already give you so many benefits, so stop your worries and join in the Matching Tile craze! Match tiles for free,become a tile master!

If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, and brain training challenges, you’ll love Matching Tile!

How to Play Matching Tile☺
Match and clear all tiles on the board!the game wins! ☺
- To play the application Matching Tile, you just have to simply tap on the tiles on the field and place 3 identical tiles in the box to eliminate them.After eliminating all the tiles or blocks on the board, the game wins!
- If there are more than 7 blocks or tiles in the box, the game will end.o(╥﹏╥)o

Game Features☺
⭐️Over 860 free levels and more to come, every level is well-designed. Non-stop☕️ fun!
⭐️Various styles of tiles🦋: Sumo, Kimono, tumbler... Full of Japanese🌸 elements!
⭐️Make your way by pairing tiles in order to dismantle hundreds of layouts
⭐️Enjoy gorgeous graphics, rich sounds and regular free updates with new levels, tile sets and more
⭐️Claim your rewards in the weekly tournaments and quests.
⭐️Unlock new worlds and discover new adventures in this free game
⭐️Train your memory skills with beautifully designed classic tile puzzles.
⭐️Rich wallpapers🖼️, every one is exquisite. Switch at will!
⭐️Lucky turntable, turn out good luck. Rich gifts🎁 are free!
⭐️Offline games, play anywhere, anytime. Have no time⏰ limit!
⭐️ Free Application Game!
⭐️Matching Tile suits very well for all ages. And it is free!

Matching Tile being free is definitely a list-topper because who wouldn’t want all those magnificent benefits for free.Matching Tile is the perfect brain puzzle game for you!It will improve your problem-solving skills.It is free,easy,fun,and challenging!Have fun while sharpening your brain.This puzzle game can train your brain. Be the master of tile craft!✊Such a fun and happy game waiting for you!So,stop hesitating and enjoy Matching Tile! Guaranteed fun coming your way.come experience it!👍